• Argon Recuperatio Ratio

    Argon Recuperatio Ratio

    High Efficiency Argon Recovery System is a collection of exhaust argon reclaiming equipment developed independently and with independent intellectual property rights by Shanghai LifenGas Co., Ltd. which includes carbon capture equipment, oxygen removal equipment, cryogenic distillation separation-nitrogen removal equipment, and auxiliary air separatio instrumenti.Argon gasi systemata recuperandi copia est cum industria consummatio et alta extractio rate.

  • Air Seperatio Unit (ASU)

    Air Seperatio Unit (ASU)

    Air separation unit is a kind of equipment that takes air as a raw material, turns it into a liquid state by compressing and cooling it to cryogenic temperatures, and then gradually separates oxygen, nitrogen, argon or other liquid products from the liquid air by rectification .

  • Vastum Acidum Recuperatio Fabrica

    Vastum Acidum Recuperatio Fabrica

    Acidum vastum (maxime acidum hydrofluoricum) fabrica recuperandi utitur diversis volatilibus inter partes acidi consumptas, duplicatum columnae vacuum distillationem continuam ad ratem recuperandi altam consequendam.

  • Modular Energy-saving NITROGENIUM Generator

    Modular Energy-saving NITROGENIUM Generator

    Modularis Energy-salutaris Nitrogenii Generatoris etiam nominari potest ut PSA Generator Nitrogen.

  • Ambiens Oxygen Generator

    Ambiens Oxygen Generator

    Est quaedam instrumenta mechanica quae oxygenium in atmosphaera augere possunt, eiusque principium operandi uti inspirans ad materiam aerem crudam post remotionem et filtationem in absorbentem transferre, et deinde peculiare cribrum hypotheticum in absorbore incipit. adsorb the nitrogen component, and the oxygen component is enriched and discharged as a product.

  • Krypton Xenon Purificationis Fabrica

    Krypton Xenon Purificationis Fabrica

    The krypton xenon purification equipment developed by our company is based on a large air separation unit and also uses the principle of cryogenic rectification to transport the raw material LOX containing a very small amount of krypton xenon to the fractionation column for adsorption and rectification through the cryogenic LOX sentinam boosting.

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